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True end-to-end-encryption keeps your messages totally private and secure. Run E2EE.im in your browser, or
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
WebRTC (Real Time Communication)


uses AES and WebRTC to share
private encryption keys to achieve true
  • Communicate in complete privacy
    • One-to-one and group messages
    • One-to-one and group video calls
    • Have fun with video messages
    • Encrypt and transfer files
    • Read your messages offline
    • Save chats to Downloads folder
Non-profit, lives on donations
Email / telephone not required.
Meta-data and server-logs discarded.
No advertising, no surveillance.
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Choose Stay Logged-In to keep the cookie and allow the same login on the same device  to auto-log-in on restarts. If you log out, the cookie expires immediately, otherwise it lives for 30 days.)
(When a connection cannot present the correct cookie, the user must log in normally.)
NOTE: While Stay-Logged-In is highly convenient because it grants password-less access, your device should absolutely be secured by other means.