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is an app, a website and a PWA (Progressive Web App) - run it in a browser, install it like an app (Add to Home)
- best in Google Chrome and Apple Safari.
AES (Advanced Encryption Standard)
WebRTC (Real Time Communication)


uses AES and WebRTC to share
private encryption keys to achieve true
  • Communicate in complete privacy
    • One-to-one & group messages
    • Record-and-send 30-second videos
    • One-to-one & group video calls
    • End-to-end-encrypted file transfer
  • On-device Message Storage
    • E2EE  stores messages on the sending and receiving devices, not on the web.
    • Messages and conversations can be deleted at any time.

- the info page

- the info page
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This version requires your permission to
- Install the App or the PWA to bypass this -
Stay Logged-In allows the same login on the same device  to auto-log-in on restarts. If you log out, Stay logged-in is cancelled.
E2EE  uses one secure cookie to manage your session while you are logged-in (it's the only cookie).
When you close E2EE , the cookie expires and you are automatically logged-out.
  - Unless ...
Choose Stay Logged-In to keep the cookie and allow the same login on the same device  to auto-log-in on restarts. If you log out, the cookie expires immediately, otherwise it lives for 30 days.)
(When a connection cannot present the correct cookie, the user must log in normally.)
NOTE: While Stay-Logged-In is highly convenient because it grants password-less access, your device should absolutely be secured by other means.