E2EE encrypted messaging and video calls

Privacy Policy

"private" - Oxford dictionary:
belonging to or for the use of a particular person or group; not for public use"
Conversations conducted over E2EE  systems - text messages or voice / video calls - are entirely private in accordance with that dictionary definition. Perhaps even more so ...
  • Encryption is end-to-end
  • User activity is not recorded
  • Meta data is discarded

Only Essential Data

In addition to the encrypted message store, log-in data, contacts and permission settings are the only data-points that E2EE  stores server-side. Nothing else.
Passwords are hashed (scrambled) by an alogorithm that cannot be reversed.
Logging of server-activity is turned off and meta-data is discarded - we keep no records.

No ads - no cookies

Since there is no advertising on E2EE , there are no 3rd-party cookies - the kind that help data-miners track you around the web.
E2EE  uses only one secure cookie which enables automatic log-in on return visits. That cookie is removed any time you log out. Otherwise, it expires 30 days after last log-in.

Your Responsibilties

It is your responsibility to make a strong password and keep it secret.
  Remember / Save your password - there is no way to recover lost passwords.
  If the wrong password is entered 3 times, the account is locked for 30 minutes.
It is your responsibility to a:) Log-out or b:) Stay Logged-In. If your device is secure, Stay Logged-In is very convenient.
It is your responsibility to decide whether to keep or delete your messages.
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E2EE  does not use tracking technologies of any kind.