E2EE encrypted messaging and video calls

E2EE Video Messages

Your smile, your eyes, your tone of voice all convey signals that are imperceptible in simple text messages ...
Now you can record short videos and send them instead of text messages using E2EE messenger!
At the foot of the messenger, find the Record Video Message  button - that starts your camera and opens the video recorder.
E2EE video messages can be up to 30 seconds long. You can record and replay until you get it right, then send the video just as you would send a text message.
Received video messages display a thumbnail image, the first frame of the video - itself an active button which opens E2EE's video player.
Video messages are not encrypted because they are too large and the process is too slow.
Unfortunately for Apple fans, Safari does not yet support this technology properly
E2EE encrypted messenger 
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E2EE  does not use tracking technologies of any kind.